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Contweb – case study, why it is worth checking who visits your website.

The B2B industry can certainly be defined as specific – the products go to a narrower group of customers, and the entire process of providing services is different than it is with individual customers. For this reason, many B2B companies significantly reduce use of online tools. Below, however, we present an example of how systems affected the increase in the number of customers.

Contweb is an internet marketing agency that specializes in providing copywriting services and promoting companies within internet. In order to acquire new contractors, Contweb aims to promote of both its clients and its own brand. Presence in the marketing and advertising industry, makes Contweb familiar with the current trends. The company always searches for new solutions for themselves and their clients.

Contweb is one of the first companies that are using WebSource. It is such a great opportunity to do something that wasn’t possible until now – to identify companies that visit the agency’s website and look for an information. So far page views were rather anonymous (with the exception of the basic demographic information about the user), and have now turned into an existing opportunity to find out more about the potential customer, reach out to them and generate more sales.

Using the analysis and the information contained in WebSource reports, Contweb agency significantly increased the number of sales and established relationships with many valuable customers.

This is just one of many examples of how effective the use of WebSource may be. Do you want to learn more? Check information about our product and contact us today.


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